MDB-SCS conceives a new distribution center for SOGIPHAR near Angers (France)

For years, SOGIPHAR, distributor of pharmaceutical products, has been delivering its customers out of its facilities in Grandvilliers (North) and Castelnau-le-lez (South). Eager to serve its customers better and faster, the company recently decided to start a third distribution center near Angers (West).

MDB-SCS serves SOGIPHAR since 2016 in terms of optimizing order picking operations in its 2 existing warehouses. As a natural consequence, SOGIPHAR asked us to work out an optimal design for its new facility, integrating all experiences gathered during those years of cooperation.

During 2017, teams of both companies closely worked together to develop different alternatives for operating the new warehouse. Each solution, of course, offering its pros and cons. During this phase, MDB-SCS closely cooperated with partners such as CIUCH (conveyor solutions) and BITO (racking equipment), both of them selected by SOGIPHAR.

Based on its expertise in the area of pharmaceutical distribution, MDB-SCS was able to offer a full design for the new facility, integrating solutions which allow operations to go smoother and less complex, compared to the existing warehouses.

Based on this work, SOGIPHAR was able to acquire land and build the new distribution center under the best possible conditions.

January 2019, the new warehouse opened as planned!

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